Tips for designing challenge coins

If you and your community have decided to make your own challenge coins, then you definitely need to choose the trusted coin maker service just like the one at that you can visit soon. Aside from that, it’s also important for you to know the things that must be included in the design of the coins themselves.

1. The critical information about your community

The name, the logo, and also the time when your community is being founded is necessary. The coins won’t have any meaning if one of those crucial pieces of information about your group isn’t included in the coin’s design.

2. The logo of your group

It’s either military, commercial, educational, or private groups, the logos can’t be excluded from the design. Although without the logo the coins may still bear a good information about your group, it’ll definitely look very lame when they’re being compared to others.

3. The fonts with their sizes and placement

Furthermore, you should also choose the correct fonts with the proper size and placement on the coins. This is necessary so your coins will have the decent aesthetic value.

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