The basic preparation tips for the Hajj pilgrims

Before leaving, a person who will leave for Umrah or Hajj sometimes pay less attention to the things that actually include important to be prepared. So it is often upset when it is in the holy land. In addition to preparing the inner self-such as a cleansing of sin and error, that is repent to Allah, asking to share with other relatives also people who are known if it is wrong and forget, settle debt accounts, preparation of physical condition, equally important is preparation supplies must also be considered. Here are some tips to keep in mind to prepare for departure to the Holy Land. Meanwhile, you may also need to visit to find the excellent deals for hajj.

Prepare the cost, both during the pilgrimage or for the livelihood of abandoned families.
For male pilgrims, the following equipment should be considered:
• Clothes for every day. It is well adapted to the old in the Holy Land.
• ihram cloth 1 or 2 sets.
• belt.
• Needs a bath.
• 2 pieces of sarong.

While for women, the equipment that must be considered is:
• Mukena top course, at least 2 pieces.
• White tunic or white skirt for 2 pieces of ihram.
• Everyday clothes to taste.
• Hood or short mukena for every day 2 pieces.
• Socks about 6 pairs.

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