Men’s Errors When Dressed

Perhaps many thought it was simple. Ribet about fashion is considered not a male character. As a result, many men are not aware of having made a mistake in a dress. And if you want a little careful and improve appearance, the impact is very large on their self-image. Get the appropriate t shirt fashion right now.

Do not get just because of buttons jacket, your appearance so messy and make inferior. Here are some of the most commonly dressed mistakes men make.

– The sleeve covers the watch

If the hobby of wearing a watch, sleeves should be rolled. Watches under the sleeves will create a ‘bump’ in the wrist area which certainly looks ugly.

– Wear picture t-shirts when using a jacket

Should wear a plain shirt if you plan on wearing a jacket. T-shirts are just a temporary trend. Better to buy quality plain shirts and a pair of jeans rather than pictorial ones. Because the trend of pictorial t-shirts often changes in a short time.