Notice Some of These In Opening Car Rental Business

Business car rental has indeed become a business that much in demand. Therefore, the number of requests for the use of cars to make a lot of people glance at the business. You can also make rental mobil palembang as the right reference for a successful car rental and can spoil its customers.

However, before starting to do a car rental business, you should pay attention to some of these things.

1. Make Sure Profits
The benefits you get must be optimal and in accordance with the capital. So, take into account the advantages and disadvantages that you might get.

 2. New or used cars
The new car is certainly more desirable consumers than the former. In addition, the cost of new car maintenance that you have prepared is for 3 years ahead. Plus, the insurance business more smoothly if the car is insured new.

3. The capital you have to spend
a business certainly needs the right capital. Calculation of capital and profits must also you calculate carefully in order to get the optimal profit from the capital you spend.