Client Candidate for Tummy Tuck

The tummy tuck can be done on both men and women. Usually, the tummy tuck client candidate is a person who has a stable weight, has a clear purpose and desire for this operation, and wants to make his stomach even flatter. You can visit Cosmetic Surgery in Washington State if you want to do this procedure.

A tummy tuck should not be performed on women planning future pregnancies. Also should not be done on women who want to lose or raise the weight.

There are several types of tummy tucks, namely mini tummy tuck and full tummy tuck. Mini tummy tuck aims to reduce excess fat and skin on the bottom of the stomach without improving the structure of the abdominal muscles and without repositioning the navel. While a full tummy tuck, in addition to the reduction of fat and excess skin on the abdomen, also performed tightening on the muscle. Reposition of the navel was done in this process to get the shape of the navel and the belly better.