Things you need to get Internet signal in the remote area

ISP (Internet Service Provider) is currently very diverse, but now Speedy from the nation’s telecommunication company still dominate in some cities. That’s why you should check out the recommended internet rural services as well.

Internet support from ISP is channeled through a modem if we use Speedy then its modem type A-DSL. Until this writing is written has been present Speedy Multi-Speed Package download speeds up to 3 Mbps.

Furthermore, the bandwidth that has been entered into the modem router to the router, here I prefer to use Mikrotik Router.

The router will create a sort of path that has been set in such a way that the bandwidth is channeled according to the needs of internet users.

Considering that internet users are very far away, let’s say modem is in A city, while internet users are in B City, the airspace of Google Earth version is 18 km, it needs Radio Access (AP) point combined with Antenna grid working in wave 2,4xx GHz.

Radio AP we need like Ubnt bulletM2-HP with power up to 600mW combined with grid directed to the nearby city.

The best signal requirement is Clear Line of Sight (CLOS) or no obstacle. Then Radio AP and Grid device placed in tower as high as 30 meters.

Meanwhile, the user also uses the same device and placed at a height of 30 meters. The problem of tower height is certainly very influential on signal quality. Barriers such as Palm oil, Rambong, coconut trees that reach 18 meters height make the signal transmitted.

Also this rounded earth curve certainly makes something far out of sight.