How Often Do You Clean Your Air Conditioner?

Rarely cleaning the air conditioner is one of the habits you should leave behind, especially if you know how often the electronics you use every day. In order for the air conditioner to operate properly, you need to clean it regularly. At least, clean the air outlet on the air conditioner. Also, clean the compressor. For this one, you can clean it every 3-4 months. Get the best aircon singapore service to keep your AC operating!

Whatever is prohibited in an air-conditioned room should not be done. For example, smoking. In addition, use air conditioning appropriately. For example, during the day or when the temperature is indeed high. Moreover, there is no urgency to turn it on in the morning or night. Coupled with the application of tips on caring for the AC above, at least you do not have to worry about your air conditioner will be damaged quickly. One more thing to note. When buying AC, quality considerations must always be a top priority. This is also what will affect the AC endurance. AC Sharp has what you need. Besides being able to provide maximum comfort, AC Sharp is also famous for its longevity.

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